"The Two Olive Trees" Rev. 11:4

My father Joseph's coat was many colors so I make my tzitot in a variety of beautiful colors. Special orders welcome. They can be made in any available color or colors in both man's and woman's versions.

Akedah Bracelets

Messiah was asked what is the greatest commandment in Matthew 22:38. He said it is the Sh'mah. Akedah means "bind". In the v'ahavtah we are commanded to bind them for a sign upon your hand.

Tzitot Clips

A variety of silver and gold toned clips to attach your tzitot to your belt loops.

Our mission

To help the Body of Messiah remember to obey and keep His Commandments. Numbers 15:38

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Keet-zat Tzit-tzit = Little Tzitot

Keet-zat Tzit-zit or Little tzitot are half sized for times when you might want them to be more discrete or when you are working. Shown is called, "Priests and Kings" and are made of gold tones of 100% pearl cotton with teal blue wrappings that spell the Creator's Name, YHVH. One of the blue cords is longer as we long for our Messiah YaH'shuah to return. Woman's version has glass beads." Perfect for matching sets for weddings or anniversary gifts. Special orders welcome. Can be made in any color available.

Quality Craftsmanship

Distinctive and Bold

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